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Debauchery: F*ck Humanity

Blood-drenched Germans get stuck in a soap opera

The concept of a band solely dedicated to emulating Chris Barnes’ muffled barking and his main band’s stoned groove is rightfully puzzling at a time when Six Feet Under themselves have become a joke.

At least Debauchery have had the decency to put out albums that actually rocked, such as Torture Pit, but that was 10 years and six full-lengths ago.

Since then, mainman and only actual real member Thomas ‘Bloodbeast’ Gurrath has been reimagining himself as a clean-shaven and blood-covered larger-than-life icon, while pretending to outdo AC/DC with his side-project Bloodgod or trademarking his Warhammer 40K-like characters that are full part of the ‘Debauchery experience,’ leading to a recent beef with Irish folk metallers Cruachan, and a sense that the actual music is an afterthought.

At least, unlike its bloated predecessor, Germany’s Next Death Metal, F*ck Humanity has got some cool artwork. But with its awful melodic choruses, sterile drum machine and arm-long list of clichés, don’t believe what the title’s trying to suggest, as this is as harmless as One Direction.