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Counterparts: The Difference Between Heaven And Home

Canadian hardcore crew draw up the power of unpredictability

Counterparts have pretty much picked up where their last critically acclaimed opus, The Current Will Carry Us, left off. Among the punk-infused hardcore there’s a fantastic unpredictability to their work.

The lead guitar parts are as impressive as they are incalculable, as is the band’s phenomenal ability to throw in a totally leftfield groove riff out of nowhere. _ _

Ghost changes pace more times than an F1 driver, while Outlier has dreamy guitar work given a face-fuck by furious drumming and the razorblade-throated roars of Brendan Murphy. Perhaps best of all, when you give this album some time and really get inside those seemingly random twists, the rewards are massive.

Complex and challenging, Counterparts have dropped an album that’s essential for all fans of artistic hardcore.