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Code Orange Kids: Love Is Love/ Return To Dust

Hardcore ragers dive into the rabbit hole

Deathwish knew what they were doing when they pounced on these Pittsburgh youngsters. Produced by the discerning Kurt Ballou at GodCity studio and performed by four talented and untamed late teens, this album marries rich creativity with bold, raw expression and the outcome is spectacular.

Yes, essences of Converge, Integrity and Schedule fall into the mix but the result is very much the band’s own. Where opening tracks like Flowermouth (The Leech) offer hardcore or grindcore appeal, it is Liars /Trudge where things get really interesting, offering up slower tempos, whimsical twists, and an intoxicating air of restraint.

Colors (Into Nothing) and Choices (Love Is Love) show off the band’s powerful lyrics and three-fold vocal contributions, Nothing (The Rat) throws us into a pool of chugging, sludgy basslines, while Calm/Breathe finally allows a welcome pause for breath. Wild, unnerving, imaginative, and exhilarating. Debuts don’t get much better than this.