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Chelsea: Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

Tenth album from punk also-rans.

Chelsea were the runts of the punk litter, the Freddie And The Dreamers to the Pistols’ Beatles and the Clash’s Stones. In a way they were the godfathers of yob rock, begatting Sham 69 and the Oi! movement.

Frontman Gene October is the sole survivor of a line-up that originally included Billy Idol and the rest of Generation X, although long-serving guitarist James Stevenson is still present.

As punk’s 40th anniversary approaches, you’ll either be dismayed or delighted that Chelsea stick so doggedly to the sound and the spirit of the era that sired them.

The guitar riffs chug, the backing vocals are of the unison ‘woah-oh-oh’ variety, and if your idea of a good tune is one that can be sung on a football terrace, there’s plenty to recommend on this album of artless boogie and lumpen accusations (We Don’t Believe You, You Never Ever Listen), even if Fuck All’s demeaning of menial drudgery somewhat contradicts their best-known song, 1977’s Right To Work./o:p