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Capsize: The Angst In My Veins

Melodic hardcore crew keep too much emotion under wraps

This is only Capsize’s first full-length but Equal Vision’s backing gives an idea as to the quality to expect of this San Diego melodic hardcore band.

In fact, these guys have quite a few supporters in meaningful places. Not only was the video for I’ll Take The Blame directed by Being As An Ocean’s Tyler Ross, another hugely exciting band on the scene, but their debut also sees appearances from Jay Maas (Defeater) and Andreas Maim (No Omega). One of these collaborations, Tension, turns out to be one of the most deliciously intense tracks on here and, along with Complacent and Numb, brings well-deserved attention to this band’s earnest but hooky skill set. Throughout the album’s first half, Daniel’s vocals are raw and fierce but not particularly distinctive, and despite generous doses of killer riffs and crafty, atmospheric moments, the full song executions do not always do justice to the emotional energy bubbling beneath the surface. There is little doubt that Capsize write some seriously addictive melodic fretwork. Now, if they can successfully tease out the rest of the formula, things could get special.

Via Impericon/Equal Vision