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Caligula’s Horse raise the prog-metal bar on new album Rise Radiant

Antipodean explorers Caligula’s Horse position themselves on prog-metal’s cutting edge with new album Rise Radiant

(Image: © Inside Out Music)

Australian prog-metallers Caligula’s Horse have spent almost a decade and four previous records building towards their most articulate, convincing and satisfying statement so far. Billed as a contemporary progressive metal band, use of the ‘c’ word is vital. Rise Radiant sounds fresh and exciting. Just one of its eight selections – album-closer The Ascent – exceeds the 10-minute mark, though from teasing torrent of tempos known as Salt to Resonate’s ripe, understated succulence,

Caligula’s Horse make every element of its DNA sound thoroughly epic. More than ever before, the vocals of Jim Grey are clean, powerful and chillingly emotive, while his instrumental colleagues show off their arrangement skills and considerable musical chops within a framework that’s easily accessible, only throwing off the shackles with The Ascent. The best prog-metal bands appreciate that less can also be more. Caligula’s Horse know the score.