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Buried In Verona: Vultures Above, Lions Below

Sydney’s melodic metallers get a Swedish shot of adrenaline

Beset by alleged management issues that makes the existence of their fifth opus a miracle, Buried In Verona have responded to their strife with a step up that’s produced their best album so far.

Returning to production wizard Fredrik Nordström and letting loose with some vitriolic lyrics (’I swear to God I used to love these lights,’ spits Brett Anderson on the record’s title track – no guessing as to his meaning there, eh?), the Aussie metalcore crew sound bigger, badder and angrier.

Nordström’s Swedish sheen gives the band’s sound much-needed sonic weight, beefing up the likes of Pathways, Dig Me Out and Reflection, which are packing riffs big enough to give a T-Rex diarrhoea, while Hurricane and Can’t Be Unsaid boast singalongs tailor-made for radio. It’s a simple formula, but when done right it’s capable of producing big moments, and this has plenty of them.