Bonehunter: Evil Triumphs Again

Finnish filthmongers rummage around the Satanic side of crust

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In the mid-80s, when Bathory and Hellhammer were even dismissed among the thrash movement, they found acceptance among the great unwashed of the crust punk scene instead.

Ever since, there’s been a dirty, spiky underbelly running counter to the more polished metal (sort of) mainstream.

Finland’s Bonehunter straddle the line between cave-dwelling, fire-breathing old-school black metal and dog-on-a-string, studs’n’bristles punk filth.

Evil Triumphs Again is 30 minutes of Motörhead-fuelled black metal where Discharge rubs shoulders with Venom, Sodom and Amebix. From Witch Rider’s carpet-burn raw guitars to Satanarchist’s acid-gargling vocals, every note screams bullet belts and aviator shades – as well as a few beers in the local graveyard. Those familiar with Hells Headbangers’ output will know exactly what to expect, if the previous split releases with the likes of Sabbat and Shitfucker hadn’t already tipped you off. Devil Metal Punks hints at Damnation’s lost classic, Insulter Of Jesus Christ; think Midnight with more Quorthon and this is cider-quaffing, glue-sniffing demonic madness at its scuzziest.