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Blues Pills: Blues Pills Live

Earthy international rockers reveal their raw power onstage

The strength of a live album depends on two factors: does it have the spark and energy to transport you to the live setting, and do the band sound as strong live as on record?

Blues Pills’ first full-length live album, recorded at German festival Freak Valley last year, hits both these targets and beyond.

The foursome won over everyone from metalheads to blues aficionados when they first appeared in 2011 with their soul-soaked, 70s throwback blusey rock, fuelled by Elin Larsson’s powerful pipes. They only have one album, but the songs take on a new lease of life live – rife with improvisation and elongated solos, from the stomp of High Class Woman to the psychedelic swirls of Bliss.

Not only does Larsson flawlessly hit the notes, but live you can hear and feel the raw, immediate emotion that fuels her sublime voice. The effect is spinetingling./o:p