Blood God: No Brain But Balls!

Death metaller embarks on a byway to Hell

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Thomas Gurrath’s Blood God alter ego isn’t so far removed from the character he portrays fronting his band, Debauchery. Noted for their booze, birds and blow-your-head-off live approach, it’s little surprise to find that his No Brain... album is as subtle as a Frankie Boyle sketch; his lack of good taste is comparable too.

For this double disc set (you really can have too much of a mediocre thing) Thomas does his best Bon Scott. It’s an admirable impression and he could make money in an AC/DC covers band, screeching his way though songs with titles like Blow Job Barbie and Rock The Hell – Out Of Me.

In case you might have missed where he’s coming from, the inner sleeve features a girl on a toilet clutching an impressively large dildo. And if that isn’t enough, Thomas does the exact same songs all over again on disc two in his Debauchery growl. You won’t make it that far.