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Bleu: Four

Power-pop investment.

William McCauley III probably earns a tidy living writing songs for movies, but he can’t stop scratching the itch that is his alter ego, Bleu, despite rough treatment from a major label that almost buried his power-pop credentials.

This time he’s raised $40,000 from Bleu fans to make the record himself.

The infectious opener Singin’ In Tongues is a guaranteed festival crowd pleaser, while the quirky, up-close-and-personal I’m In Love With My Lover is a potentially huge hit (a la Extreme’s More Than Words) that could bring Bleu festival status.

The record may lack cohesion but every track is a perfectly formed vignette. B.O.S.T.O.N. is a home-town homage that should earn a permanent place on local-radio playlists, How Blue is a sumptuous, string-laden ballad, and the epic You Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar is a slimmed-down, six-minute epic. The band’s investors will enjoy it.