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Bio-Cancer: Tormenting The Innocent

Greek thrash maniacs return to rev up the intensity

For those who rallied around Bio-Cancer’s aptly named 2012 debut, Ear Piercing Thrash, your wait is finally over. That album earned the Greek metallers more than a few critical nods for its pure, unhinged aggression, and three years later, they’ve returned.

And right from the start, it’s clear that Bio-Cancer have revitalised their commitment to blinding riffage and neck-punishing tempos. Opener Obligated To Incest showcases their gasoline-soaked bravado with blazing fretboard heroics powered by such meteoric intensity that it practically transcends thrash.

With the spectral hissing of vocalist Lefteris and more than a few jack-hammering blastbeats scattered throughout, you could be forgiven for filing Tormenting The Innocent in with the blackened thrashers. Bulletproof is the best song that Dave Mustaine never wrote, bristling with gang vocals and snarling leads, while Chemical Castration flirts with chunky, mid-tempo grooving before erupting into a bludgeoning breakneck assault.

Tormenting The Innocent is ambitious, exhilarating and fun as hell. Get stuck in.