Battle Beast at the Underworld, London - Live review

The Gospel - live

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(Image: © Katja Ogrin)

Despite apparently being told by a promoter that “people in England don’t like heavy metal”, Battle Beast hit the stage tonight and look startled when they realise that not only is the venue packed but that UK metal fans are seriously fucking noisy. From the opening seconds of Straight From The Heart, bedlam erupts. The entire room seems to be bellowing along with every word, and yet nothing is going to drown out the blistering power of vocalist Noora Louhimo, who fails to conceal her delight at the effusive reception, getting progressively more excitable and intense as the show unfolds. Her bandmates can’t stop grinning either, and yet there is nothing but fire and fury driving these songs along: the sound of anthemic 80s metal given a dose of 21st-century verve. It’s not hard to work out why Battle Beast have turned a corner in terms of popularity on these shores; tonight, they play nearly every song on current album Bringer Of Pain, and every one of the bastards sounds like a smash hit. The UK fucking loves metal and Battle Beast are welcome back any time.