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Aversions Crown conjure apocalyptic fury on new album Hell Will Come For Us All

Aussie bruisers Aversions Crown raise their game even further on fourth album Hell Will Come For Us All

(Image: © Nuclear Blast)

Over 11 years, Aversions Crown have masterfully conjured harmonies of extraterrestrial terror with apocalyptic eight-string bludgeoning. This fourth album sees the Aussie quartet break out of the mould, focusing on the former with more ambitious songcraft, wielding the muscular beatdowns more sparingly for greater effect. New vocalist Tyler Miller brings more relatable themes through a commanding performance, with the clearly enunciated barks and melancholic twin guitar melodies of The Soil and Born In The Gutter lingering even as body blows rain down. Caught In The System reaches the same blackened fury as Carnifex, while from the title track onwards, Hell Will Come For Us All’s epic deathcore builds steadily to the epic disdain of The Final Judgement.

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