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Ataraxy - Where All Hope Fades album review

Doom-laden death metallers pile on some emotional weight

Cover art for Ataraxy - Where All Hope Fades album

Ataraxy have been around for 10 years and yet this is only their second album to date, the group apparently working somewhat sporadically. Still, if it takes time to create a record like Where All Hope Fades then the group should be applauded for not rushing things – a comment that could be made of the music itself. Ataraxy are consistently described as death metal, but death-doom would be a much more accurate label. What you have here is a skilful blend of crushing aggression and eerie introspection, and while the riffs carry a definite classic Scandinavian death metal flavour and the vocals are suitably Obituary-esque, the despairing and almost blackened crawl of claustrophobic numbers such as Matter Lost In Time and As Uembras D’o Hibierno are as much about emotive atmospheres and outright aggression. Where All Hope Fades is immersive and rewarding, regardless of label.