Armed For Apocalypse: The Road Will End

Californians return to beat down some more

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After the release of this Chico-based band’s 2009 debut, Defeat – featuring present and ex-members of Will Haven, Brain In A Cage and The Abominable Iron Sloth – they went silent. But what’s that? Shit, it’s The Road Will End and it sounds like a ginormous dinosaur rumbling over the hills.

This four-headed monolith salutes and creates the sounds that follow in the wake of vibration-rich, low-tensile piano wire guitar strings, drums firing off like cannons, bass buzzing like the engines entering Canal Curve at Liverpool’s Aintree and, in guitarist/vocalist Kirk Williams, a man for whom apparently hate is a hobby and who seems to get off on gargling bleach after throat surgery.

Focus all those elements on an aesthetic with a forehead that’s gradually sloping as Crowbar, Meshuggah, Burst, Benea Reach and Admiral Angry albums get spun at your weekly basement bare-knuckle boxing match and there you have it.