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Apophys: Prime Incursion

Dutch death metal journeymen make their mark on stable ground

Despite having formed a mere three years ago with one sole promo recording uploaded on the internet to their name, Apophys are already a well-oiled war machine who happen to be signed to one of the world’s biggest indie metal labels.

That becomes more understandable when you realise that Prime Incursion is the combined effort of a former God Dethroned and Prostitute Disfigurement drummer with an ex-Detonation guitarist and Toxocara’s last frontman – all underground yet worthy warriors that fell on the battleground after few albums, and was therefore bound to be solid, if not exactly super- original.

If the ‘modern death metal’ tag they’ve branded themselves with relates only to the overall production and attitude on this disc, their DNA remains rooted in classic territories – yet with a slightly technical edge and a nebulous but welcome sci-fi lyrical content instead of the usual gore display.

Essentially, Prime Incursion is a bulletproof stepping stone that will, hopefully, lead to much greater things./o:p