Anuryzm: Worm's Eye View

Resourceful prog metal from the heart of Dubai

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The simple fact that Anuryzm hail from the cash-rich and sun-ravaged Arab emirate of Dubai makes them instantly intriguing. But to the band’s credit, they have plenty of musical qualities that add substance to their superficially exotic appeal.

This is broad reaching progressive metal that exhibits a gleeful disregard for traditional limits and a satisfyingly unpredictable melodic sensibility that glues the remarkably accomplished individual performances together.

While a lot of bands operating in this flourishing genre rely heavily on the notion that sounding a bit like Dream Theater will suffice, Anuryzm incorporate flashes of jazz, extreme metal and mellifluous trad prog into deceptively complex songs like the breathlessly ornate Sintax of Trinity and labyrinthine closer Where Mockery Falls, which wears its esoteric ambitions lightly while conjuring up countless moments of dynamic wonder along its winding, 12-minute journey.

Propelled fervently along by the inestimable drumming talents of ex-Opeth man Martin Lopez, this is a smart addition to the prog metal canon that deserves to earn its creators a strong reputation.