Akhlys: The Dreaming I

Vast and volcanic black metal direct from the heart of darkness

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Having one outlet for the darkness clearly isn’t enough for Akhlys’s Naas Alcameth. As a member of Nightbringer, he has a vessel for more existential questions and understanding, and where that band speaks of the esoteric, Akhlys looks inwards and talks of death, dreams and the nightmares found there.

The Dreaming I is an intense journey towards the absolute pitch black that is housed deep within the soul – and while there are some similarities to Nightbringer, there’s also enough here that is different and therefore well worth your time.

Breath And Levitation leads into this plane of negativity and the chaos that is found there lies in vast, iridescent whorls commanded by a voice as implacable and unrelenting as Sauron’s flaming eye gazing out of the abyss. The Dreaming I moves in steady rhythms and hypnotic waves, while Consummation pounds at the senses with frankly outrageous drums and climbing guitar lines that weave dissonance around Naas Alcameth’s fiery vocal.

The shadowed land between dreaming and waking is terrifying… allow Akhlys to guide you./o:p