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Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell: Check 'em Before You Wreck 'em

Because the 70s were all about Cortinas too

Back when prawn cocktail was the height of sophistication and brown was the new black, music was a different breed built on authenticity and genuine rock’n’roll attitude. The sweaty, unvarnished reality of British 70s rock has been banished by the patchouli aromas of Horisont, Kadavar and their like.

Looking like a pastiche of Little Britain-meets-Spinal Tap and channelling the blues-addled soul of Buffalo and Cactus, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell are as close to authentic as you can come without hopping into a time machine.

2 Tonne F*ckboot is packed with deep riffs while Captain Merryweather, an eight-minute rhapsody to doom and Thin Lizzy, is imbued with hallucinogenic properties; not forgetting live favourite The Thicker The Better, using a cheeky touch of innuendo to assimilate the spirit of Motörhead without bending to fashion.

It’s nice to see the return of risqué British humour combined with musical talent and a survival of, as these guys put it, ‘non-bullshit rock’n’roll’.