Abandoned Stars: Opening Act

Uncertain overture from the Edinburgh prog rockers.

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The legion of imitators that borrowed Genesis’s classic 70s sound reduced it to almost a cliché. Similarly, you have to wonder if the seemingly unstoppable swell of bands whose sole goal is to sound like Dream Theater will soon do irreparable damage to progressive metal’s credibility. What’s more irksome is that the genre pre-requisite is a technically strong musical ability, so why can’t this be used to record something original?

Abandoned Stars are another band whose aptitude is heavily disguised by their influences – to the huge detriment of this debut EP.

Opener Beyond Reason smacks of modern-day Rush, with a chorus reminiscent of Alice Cooper’s Billion Dollar Babies. The intro to Sealing My Fate proves nothing other than they’re fans of Dream Theater’s Train Of Thought album. Follow Your Heart offers some respite from the predictable, throwing an unexpected power metal chorus twist into the mix. There’s also hope of long-term redemption in the form of the lengthy Against The Tide.

Its inspired melodies and poise hint that Abandoned Stars have it in them to be far more pioneering. It would be unforgivable if they wasted their ample, glaring talent on future releases.