Xcerts Murray no longer pointing the finger


The Xcerts' Murray MacLeod says the band's new single is the sound of him admitting his faults.

The three-piece release Shaking In The Water today, the video for which can be seen below. Their third album is in the works and will be available later this year via Raygun Records.

Frontman MacLeod says: “We’ve actually been playing this song live for quite a while now so we’re excited to finally release it. Originally this song had a real 60s vibe to and it was really jangly.

“Over time it got progressively heavier, I then entered a world of fuzz and the song was truly born. Musically It’s very simple and very fun. Lyrically the song is about helplessness and how I was solely to blame for finding myself in a regretful position with another person.

“In previous songs I have always found a scapegoat when singing about something I’m to blame for but I’ve grown up a bit and this time round I’m throwing my hands in the air and admitting my faults.”