Within Temptation and... Xzibit?!

The symphonic metallers have enlisted the help of X-to-the-Z for their new track And We Run. What do you think?

And We Run

Xzibit is no stranger to the world of metal – he was in the Korn video for Twisted Transistor after all. And now he’s broadened his horizons to the world of Dutch symphonic metal with the new single from Within Temptation.

The LA rapper and Pimp My Rider said of the unlikely collaboration: “When I heard about the enquiry from Within Temptation to do a track together and Googled them, I was surprised to say the least. Once I had spoken to the band and heard the song though it all made total sense and it was fun to discover new ground outside of our genres!”

Within Temptation’s new EP is available on iTunes here (opens in new tab).