Whitford-St. Holmes reunion confirmed


Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford has confirmed that he and singer Derek St. Holmes have reunited and are planning their second album together.

Whitford left Steven Tyler and co in 1981 to work on Whitford-St. Holmes’ debut album, which was released the same year.

Now they’ve teamed up again and are joined by Nashville bassist Charlie Anderson and Tesla drummer Troy Luccketta.

Whitford tells Aero 101: “Derek and I have always been friends. We started writing a bunch of stuff and we started building a band.

“The next thing we did was go in the studio and we cut nine tracks in two days.”

He says the album is almost done but they’ll put the finishing touches on it once Aerosmith’s current tour ends early next month. He hopes to tour the project across the US in November.

Aerosmith’s last studio release was 2012’s Music From Another Dimension – but guitarist Joe Perry said he’d like to record a follow-up as it could give the band another hit.

Frontman Tyler recently issued a video for the track Love Is You Name from his upcoming solo album.