Watching Taylor Hawkins, with house guest Chad Smith, give MTV Cribs a tour of his LA home is amusing and poignant all at once

Chad Smith and Taylor Hawkins on MTV Cribs
(Image credit: MTV)

From 2000 to 2010, MTV welcomed us all into the homes of celebrities and rockstars in the star-studded series Cribs. 

Offering us a glimpse into the private, domestic lives of the rich and famous, big names such as Vince Neil, Tony Hawk, Sebastian Bach, Rob Zombie, Ice-T, Gene Simmons and more opened their front doors and gave viewers an inside look into everything from what's inside their fridges to how many Lamborghinis they had tucked away in their garages. 

On episode one of season two, aired on February 6, 2001, we got to stick our noses into the Californian abode of the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, with the help of co-tour guide and pal Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Hawkins kicked off the tour of his Topanga Canyon home by rolling up in his car, and nonchalantly swaggering up the drive with Smith, announcing "We're gonna check out my mansion now, okay".

As the cameras enter his humble-sized crib, comprised of four bedrooms and three bathrooms, the duo kick off the tour with a look around the kitchen, revealing Hawkins' pantry full of snacks. Then, for some reason, the pals launch into an impromptu boogie to Kool & The Gang's classic disco floor-filler Get Down On It. 

We're then invited into the drummer's 'Psychedelic Furs meets Bauhaus meets Queen' glam rock living room, where Hawkins shows off his out of tune piano, once owned by his parents. 

Then, the pair move the tour into Hawkins' drum-littered office, before entering the "music part of the house", where the Foos drummer pretends to offer Smith a drum lesson. 

Elsewhere, Hawkins reveals the "lamest CD he owns", as he picks up material by Journey, Pat Benatar and Lover Boy.

Before slamming the door and signing off on the episode, the drummers play out a little skit, as Hawkins declares: "I told you guys, its totally uncool to come over to somebody's house and treat it like its a scum pit or something, this isn't a frat house alright, this is the last time I do anything with you guys ever again...GET OFF MY LAWN AND PICK UP THOSE CIGGERATE BUTTS!".

All in all, it makes for some amusingly wholesome viewing. Check it out below, or view the time Korn's Fieldy also made his debut on the show back in 2002.

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