Watch Korn's Fieldy show off his awesome house on MTV Cribs back in 2002

screengrab of Korn's Fieldy on MTV Cribs
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MTV Cribs was one of the biggest shows in the world back at the turn of the millennium, with stars of all varieties showing off where they call home. And one such star was Korn's own Fieldy, who in 2002 made his second appearance on the show around the release of the band's 5th album Untouchables. Shown as part of Season Five of the show, other notable appearances included blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, Gene Simmons, Sammy Hagar, Papa Roach’s Dave Buckner and Alien Ant Farm, so in very good company.

And what an incredible space Fieldy had to show off.

He starts his journey in his garage, which since his last appearance, has expanded from having the space for one car to 15. The highlights include the car used in the band's video for 'Got The Life', his Escalade with 23' rims added and an open-top white Rolls Royce which has a custom plug-in speaker in the boot.

Then there's his studio, disco-balled up into the stratosphere and shining bright like several diamonds, littered with record plaques from the likes of Limp Bizkit and Staind. It's where he recorded his 2002 solo rap project Rock n Roll Gangster under Fieldy's Dreams as well.

Then there's the glow-in-the-dark lounge area, the high-ceiled living room, the fridge full of leftovers, the DVD copy of Half Baked that has been watched," 300,400, 500 times", the fully-stocked bar next to the blackjack table and the bass guitar cupboard full of kids movies.

And it all leads to a party in the backyard that Fieldy didn't even know was happening. What an incredible time it was.

You can check out the full clip below.

Korn celebrated the one-year anniversary of the release of their latest full-length Requiem with a new live EP. They recorded it at Hollywood United Methodist Church on February 3, 2022, as the band launched their 14th album with a live-streamed performance in honour of the “souls that had passed" — particularly those who died during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

You can check out the full Requiem Mass performance featuring Start The Healing, Lost In The Grandeur, Hopeless and Beaten, Worst Is On Its Way and Let The Dark Do The Rest below.

It's absolutely ace.

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