Watch this brutal bride perform a jaw-dropping drum solo at her own wedding

Bride performs drum solo in Wedding dress
(Image credit: Sharon-Rose Ransom, Air.TV)

A bride taking centre-stage on her wedding day is a pretty commonplace occurrence. But Ontario bride Sharon-Rose Ransom managed to grab the attention of her guests with more than just her big white dress.

While more conventional wedding receptions might feature a few speeches with trademark terrible jokes, Sharon-Rose instead opted to smash out a drum solo mid-wedding breakfast — because, let's be honest, what better way is there to impress your newly-wed partner than with a killer solo?

The Ransom couple used their special day to demonstrate what they consider truly important — their partnership, and their love of music. In fact, Sharon-Rose is actually a drum teacher, and also co-owns the drum studio Ransom Drum Lab in Woodstock, Ontario, with her husband Eric. She also revealed that music has always been a "huge part" of their relationship.

To make sure her Wedding dress wouldn’t hinder her performance, Sharon-Rose even had the garment modified to give her the freedom of movement needed to perform the killer set. 

Although the couple officially tied the knot back in 2019, the video of Sharon-Rose has been recently surging in popularity across social media, and even grabbed the attention of a Canadian tourism company who decided to cast her in their campaign video, Heartbeat of Canada.

Watch the bride’s performance, alongside her spot in the Canadian tourism video below.

Liz Scarlett

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