Watch hilarious footage of an orchestra audience's wild mosh-pits at a recent UK music festival

Truck Festival
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If you ever want your faith in humanity restored, look no further than a festival crowd. You'll find a sense of togetherness not found anywhere else, with all sorts of amusing shenanigans going on, including ridiculous dancing, crowd surfing and mosh-pits.

At this year's Truck Festival, which took place on Oxfordshire's Hill Farm on July 20 through until July 23, punters exhibited the best example of festival revelry we've seen, with huge crowds moshing to...the Oxford Symphony Orchestra. No, really.

As most mosh-pits usually ignite to the music of rock/metal bands, it's pretty bizarre to see hordes of attendees pummelling their bodies together to famous classical songs, which in their typical setting, are usually met by the delicate claps of fans watching on quietly from chairs in some kind of grand hall.

In footage filmed at the event, the crowd can be seen dancing and moshing to tracks such as Rossini's William Tell Overture: Final, the Indiana Jones theme song by John Williams and a classical version of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

There's even an hilarious clip of punters doing pirouettes to the famous ballet number Dance of the Mirlitons from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker. Be sure to check out Kermit the Frog getting in on the action too.

In the comments, one viewer writes: "Can you imagine if this happened at the night of the Proms?". While another says: "People wonder why I have a Spotify playlist titled Classical Music That Goes Hard, case and point".

This year, Truck Festival saw a number of indie rock acts take to the stage, including Royal Blood, Alt-J, Two Door Cinema Club, The Vaccines, Self Esteem, The Wombats and more.

Check out the clips below:


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♬ original sound - Truck Festival
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