Watch this drummer smash out a classic metalcore song with the unexpected special touch of Michael Scott from The US Office

Joe Button and Michael Scott
(Image credit: Joe Button, NBC)

Since its debut pilot episode in 2005, The Office (US) has become something of a cult phenomenon and one of the most popular and widely enjoyed sitcoms. It's even often preferred over its British equivalent starring Ricky Gervais, who plays the comically peculiar boss, David Brent.

The US version's office head, Michael Scott, is played by American actor Steve Carell. While he might disappear in later seasons, Carell's unhinged depiction of the lovable but problematic Michael remains a definite highlight of the show, driving countless scenes with a remarkably chaotic enthusiasm. 

One virtuosic TikTok user, Joe Button, has even taken a handful of scenes, chopped them up, and styled them against a performance of a classic metalcore song, with rather amusing results.

In the video below, Button smashes out a drum cover of Asking Alexandria's 2009 track The Final Episode (Let's Change The Channel), while Michael yells over the top with a similar urgency to that of your average metalcore vocalist. 

Some of his phrases chosen to soundtrack the clip include 'I DECLARE...BANKRUPTCY!', 'NO, GOD NO!' (that highly-memed scene you'll find all over The Internet), and 'WHERE ARE THE TURTLES?!'. It's comedy gold, if you ask us.

The sticksman has even dubbed the strange crossover 'Mifflincore', titled after the fictional paper company Dunder Mifflin, where the series is set. 

So far, the video has amassed over 330k views, and almost 30k likes. Other creations  by Button include 'parrotcore' (in which sees him drum over angry-sounding birds), 'karencore' (drumming to particularly furious women), and 'burpcore' (we're sure you can work this one out). 

Check out the Mifflincore video below:


♬ original sound - Joe Button
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