Watch Disturbed's David Draiman crack up listening to these lads playing Down With The Sickness on children's instruments

David Draiman reacts to TikTok cover
(Image credit: TikTok)

If you're looking for weird and wonderful content made by weird and wonderful people, TikTok is your place. There's absurd pets (such as this clip of cats losing their furry little minds to Iron Maiden), funny dance videos, and eccentric musical covers that will leave you scratching your head and chuckling through until tomorrow. 

The app also has the wonderful option to let users "duet" with other videos, which, when used by musicians, brings them closer together to their fans than ever before. 

For example, in one new TikTok, Disturbed's David Draiman has filmed himself reacting to a video made by four lads covering the metal heavyweight's hallmark anthem Down With The Sickness. The twist is however, that the chaps are using children's instruments to perform the aggressive tune, which is pretty amusing. Judging by Draiman's reaction, he's got quite the kick out of the kooky creation.

For the cover, the group use a kitty keyboard that meows, a plastic drumkit, a mini pink guitar and a xylophone (which for some reason is never actually played), making for one cute and hilariously daft take on the original. 

In his reaction video, the frontman giggles continuously, especially as the vocalist whispers the lyrics "oh shit" in the style of the original. 

Watch the TikTok below:


♬ Down with the Sickness - Disturbed

Last week, Disturbed released their eighth studio album Divisive on November 18, which was described by Metal Hammer as reassertion of their "claim to the modern metal throne" that "will surely delight their existing fans, while picking up a few more along the way." According to Draiman, it was inspired by both “partisan tribal warfare” and the corrosive effects of society growing “addicted to outrage.”

To mark the news, the band shared the striking new music video for single Bad Man, made entirely by AI.

Directed by Tristan Holmes, Bad Man was made through the process of stitching together 10,000 frames of AI-generated imagery via Midjourney AI, which altogether took around a month to put together. 

Watch it below:

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