"Do the holes for your neck in your t-shirts have to be cut bigger for that neck you have?": Watch Corey Taylor react to hilarious trash talk from fans

Corey Taylor
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In celebration of his new single Talk Sick, Corey Taylor recently invited fans to text him their best "shit talk".

Slipknot's frontman has now shared a video reacting to the best and most amusing 'hate' comments on his Youtube channel.

He begins: "I haven't seen any of these, I have no idea what the fuck is coming my way so this should be good. And I'm really glad I'm doing this hours before a show, this is gonna be good for my ego, so, here we go." 

The first comment reads: "You look like you drink white Gatorade". While we're not totally sure why this is an insult, according to the Urban Dictionary, it's apparently "the most frowned upon colour of Gatorade". The more you know. Taylor responds with a booming laugh and a simple "Fuck you", before adding "Damn it, I'm not allergic to colours!"

Next up, a fan writes: "Your voice is a combination of a chainsaw and a choir of angry cats. I'm not sure if I should headbang or call animal control". While the vocalist takes this one as more of a compliment, the next bout of trash talk offers a more personal attack, targeting Taylor's love of the Star Wars movies, by stating: "Star Wars is the most overrated franchise of all time". Unsurprisingly, Taylor responds here with another charged "Fuck you!"

Other comments take swings at the singer's appearance, with one fan commenting on his muscularly wide neck: "Do the holes for your neck in your t-shirts have to be cut bigger for that neck you have?". As he reads, Taylor can barely finish the sentence without chuckling, and says with a wink: "Well no, because this thing naturally stretches anything I put on, which you know, you understand the vernacular of what I'm talking about... your mum knows".

Corey Taylor's new solo album CMF2 is due out on September 15 via BMG. Watch the video below:

In reference to his new single, which was released earlier this month, Taylor previously said: "There’s an element of spiritual regurgitation, trying to purge yourself of demons that have been clinging to you because of prior relationships – romantic or otherwise. You realise those people bring a certain asshole side out of you that you don't necessarily want in your life. It's about trying to lance that boil and get that sickness out of you.”

Listen to Talk Sick below:

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