Watch Andy from Every Time I Die get taken down by a penis in a wrestling match

Andy Williams from Every Time I Die wrestling Joey Ryan
(Image credit: Raziq Rauf)

If someone asked you to name some of the all-time great signature moves in wrestling, what would you say? The Stone Cold Stunner? The Rock Bottom? The Mandible Claw? Sure, these are classics, but they're nothing compared the the devastating weapon in Joey Ryan's arsenal. Or to be more precise, his trunks.

Behold, The Penis Plex! Joey Ryan has become something of a celebrity on the indie circuit of professional wrestling thanks to his powerful package, which is able to flip opponents over onto their back for the pinfall. And his latest victim is none other than Every Time I Die guitarist and wrestler Andy Williams.

At a Bar Wrestling event in California last week, Andy was pitted against Joey, and while Andy was busy showboating with some air guitar, he inadvertently grabbed Little Joey and was taken down.

Don't believe us? Here's the proof!

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen Andy show off his physical dominance. Here he is kicking the crap out of everybody on Two Minutes To Late Night.