The 10 best Every Time I Die songs, as chosen by Bailer

Every Time I Die

Sometimes you hear a new band that make you want to drive a motorbike through a wall. Bailer are that band. Taking cues from the lairy hardcore than bands like Cancer Bats trade in, they’re a scuzzed-up riffball of aggro vocals and revving guitars. So it’s a small wonder that they’re also big Every Time I Die fans!

With their new EP PTSD coming our way on June 16, we asked Bailer to pick their top ten Every Time I Die songs of all time. It’s gonna get violent.

The Coin Has A Say

“Eight albums into their career, The Coin Has A Say shows that Every Time I Die are still at the top off their game. This is our favourite track from their newest album Low Teens.”


“The last track of arguably the heaviest Every Time I Die album From Parts Unknown, recorded with Kurt Ballou. This track features an 11-second scream from Keith, and it’s a ferociously heavy groove-fest. That last riff!”


“Short, fast, ballsy, and full of groove – a great track to get the party started. It mixes thrash and groove really well, and matches up perfectly with our next choice.”

Decayin’ With The Boys

“Catchy as hell and full of riffs – like every ETID song. This is a proper rockin’ track with a fun music video.”

Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space

“Moving further back into their discography, this is the first track of Ex-Lives. A pure, brutal Every Time I Die song. This is the track to get you into this album.”

For The Record

New Junk Aesthetic probably has our favourite guitar tone on any of their albums. For The Record is such a banger, this; will make you smash your head off a wall.”

Rebel Without Applause

The Big Dirty is a pure hardcore/rock n’ roll album – it just screams fuckshituperry and partying. This track is true to that vibe. ‘If you can keep it a secret then me and the boys will bring pale hell to this town, we’re trouble bound and we summon the devil electric.’”

Apocalypse Now And Then

“The opening track from Gutter Phenomenon. The sway off this track is awesome, there’s a certain attitude to this album that you don’t find on the rest. It sounds like Hollywood on fire.”


“We still remember sharing this on MSN Messenger well over ten years ago, and having our perspective on hardcore changed forever.”

Map Change

“This is one of our bassist Dave’s personal favourites. The last track on Low Teens, this song encompasses every aspect of Every Time I Die. It’s heavy, dark, melodic and catchy all in one.”

Bailer’s new EP PTSD is out June 16 and is available to pre-order now. Watch their new video for In For A Penny, In For A Pound below.

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