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Watch an internet maverick slay 80 Rammstein songs in 8 minutes

Rammstein songs in 8 minutes
(Image credit: Paschalis Theotokis)

YouTube mastermind Paschalis Theotokis – AKA the creative brain responsible for such internet greats as 70 Slipknot songs in 7 minutes and 99 Metallica songs in 10 minutes – is at it again. 

The latest edition in his so-called 'Megalyric' collection sees him tear through 80 Rammstein songs in just eight minutes, with uncanny accuracy, surprisingly high production values and even a bit of low-budget pyro. Not bad for a man recording alone in a derelict carpark.

Starting at their 1995 debut Herzeleid and working his way through to their newly-released Rammstein album, no stone in their back-catalogue is left unturned. And, obviously, it's brilliant. 

Check it out below. 

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