Walter Trout back in hospital


Walter Trout was sent back to intensive care this week after suffering a complication following his liver transplant in May.

The veteran bluesman had been enjoying a relatively straightforward recuperation after the nine-hour surgery, until a biopsy test went wrong and returned him to a “close to the edge” condition.

Trout’s wife Marie admits the situation feels like deja-vu and explains: “The liver biopsy ended up either activating internal bacteria or inserting new ones in the bloodstream. Walter felt great before the biopsy. As soon as he woke up after it, he was shivering, and quickly developed a fever, low blood pressure, quick pulse, and irregular heart beat – the sure signs of serious infection.

“The biopsy thus directly caused it or activated it. But either way, he has another bout of sepsis.”

He’s now in a standard ward where he’ll undergo further tests. Marie calls for fans not to blame medical staff for the episode, saying: “Medical science is not exact – everybody is doing what they can.”

And she vows: “The bottom line is this: Walter will pull through this one too. Just watch!”

Trout recently released his album The Blues Came Callin’ alongside official biography Rescued From Reality.