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Venom warn against ‘pale imitations’

Venom say they’re being misrepresented on some websites who claim they’re playing venues across the US.

The band’s Prime Evil era lineup featuring Mantas and Abaddon play under the Venom Inc banner and have lined up a North and South American tour. And without directly mentioning the spin-off, Cronos insists there’s only one true Venom.

Responding to guitarist Rage who says: “Don’t be fooled by pale imitations,” Cronos was quick to go into more depth.

He tells Metal Rules: “Check out the real Venom. We know that there’s been some sites who’ve been putting our photographs and our Venom logo up for a whole load of dates that don’t have anything to do with us.

“Venom play one-off shows, and that’s the way we’ve always done it. And we like to have it as big and as best as we can. We don’t do little club tours – that’s never been the Venom way. We’re trying to contact some of these sites to say, ‘Look, you’re misrepresenting the band.’”

He continues: “We don’t know who this band is that you’re talking about, but we’re not coming to America to play 30 shows. Please get your shit together and sort it out.”

In April this year, Venom posted Venom Inc’s logo on their Facebook page with a caption reading: “Death to false metal.” Cronos and co released From The Very Depths in January via Spinefarm.

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