Van Halen silence makes Michael sad


Michael Anthony is saddened that he hasn't spoken to Eddie and Alex Van Halen in over 10 years.

And the Chickenfoot man says he thinks drummer Alex would like to continue their friendship – but fears it would rub brother Eddie up the wrong way.

Anthony tells the Eddie Trunk Podcast: “The last time I actually spoke to either of them was the last show of our 2004 tour – and it’s really sad, too. I know a lot of people that work with them, like the crew guys, so I always hear stuff from them.

“I know Al would like to still have some kind of relationship, but I think maybe because of the way Eddie felt, Al didn’t want to ruffle his feathers by calling me.”

Anthony believes the falling-out started when former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar invited him to guest with him and David Lee Roth in 2002. The bassist says: “I don’t think that sat too well with some people. Sammy asked me – not to do the whole tour, just a few shows. I thought, ‘God, that’ll be great. I’ll go out there are wave the VH flag high. I’ll also let people know that I’m still around.’

“Eddie didn’t see it that way and didn’t want me to be a part of that circus. He actually kind of backed me up against the wall and he gave me an ultimatum. I said, ‘I’m going to go out and play’ – and that was the end of that conversation.”

Van Halen returned with Roth and 12th album A Different Kind Of Truth in 2012. Anthony says he recognised some of the music. He explains: “A lot of the stuff I remember us recording as demos years ago. They’re just kind of bent a little, and Dave came up with some different lyrics. But a lot of what I’ve heard is really reminiscent of the songs we wrote years ago. I’ve still got some of those tapes.”

Anthony will hit the road with Sammy Hagar in October for five Mexican shows. Chickenfoot guitarist Joe Satriani recently revealed their third album had reached demo stage – but that working towards setting a release date was proving to be “chaotic.”