UK PREMIERE: Audrey Horne – Out Of The City (feat. Johan Hegg)


Norwegian hard rock heroes Audrey Horne have teamed up with Amon Amarth's Johan Hegg for new tune Out Of The City. What do you think?

Speaking about the video, the band say: “This video is a result of the fact that we have used the Muppet Show intro in our live shows and that we identify ourselves with those kind of creatures. It’s a plus that these dolls look way better than we do. Johan was into it when we asked if he wanted to hang out with some rather weird puppets, and he brought his wife in case things got out of control – a lot of crazy scenes with Ice Dale had to be removed and cut out. We want to assure people that no puppets were injured during the making of this video… except the Ice Dale puppet.”

“I must admit I was a bit surprised when my wife and I was asked to be a part of this video,” says Johan. “But since we’re good friends with the guys and we both really like the band it wasn’t exactly a hard decision. I really liked the idea for the video, and if you ask me it’s just bloody hilarious!”

Out Of The City is taken from new album Pure Heavy, out 26th September on Napalm Records.