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Twisted Sister to go on through ‘curtain of tears’

Twisted Sister will keep working together following the death of drummer AJ Pero, they’ve confirmed.

He passed away last month while on tour with Adrenaline Mob. It’s thought he suffered a heart attack.

But Twisted Sister’s long-term plans remain in doubt.

Guitarist Jay Jay French says on his blog: “Our collective history is so long, so deep, so intertwined, that AJ’s death has shaken us to the core. It made me realise the fundamental connection that we, as a band and a company, share as friends.

“We will honour AJ during our shows this year. A professional drummer who is a friend will be filling in – this will allow us to fulfil our touring obligations and, most importantly, give us some space to make some very hard decisions about our future.”

He describes the outfit’s business model as “the envy of many of our fellow bands” and adds: This company employs a lot of people. We’re surely not the same kids who had a dream 40 years ago to become ‘rock stars.’ We carry the scars to prove it.

“We are adults who run a business – and businesses must go on, even through a curtain of tears.”

French this week described Pero as Twisted Sister’s John Bonham. Shortly after the drummer’s death he revealed the band had already been considering retirement.

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