Tracks Of The Week: 28/7/14 - 3/8/14


It's another sun-soaked and booze-filled week for team Hammer, but we've needed to soundtrack it somehow. This is what we've all been digging over the past seven days.

Electric Wizard - I Am Nothing

Amit Sharma: “If the devil had a siren… this is what it would sound like. Crank up loud and watch the walls melt.”

Dog Fashion Disco - War Party

Dom Lawson: “They’re back and they’re still fucking brilliant. If you like Mr Bungle, Carnival In Coal or System Of A Down, you need this band in your life. Properly bonkers.”

Bölzer - Labyrinthine Graves

Jonathan Selzer: “The underground’s most dazzling and disorientating band since Deathspell Omega sound like Mad Max-style renegades racing roughshod across the sulphur-baked plains of Hell”

Motionless In White - Reincarnate

Merlin Alderslade: “I’m a sucker for an AFI chorus”

Upon A Burning Body - Texas Blood Money

Lewis Somerscales: “It’s hard not to tip a table and down a bottle of whiskey to this.”

King 810 - Fat Around The Heart

Sam Bailey: “The Devil is real and I wear his mark.”

Skyharbor - Evolution

Alexander Milas: “As elegant and technically brilliant as metal gets. Skyharbor are metal v2.0.”

Vanna - Yüth Decay

**Luke Morton: **“Visceral snarling post-hardcore from the band’s strongest album in years.”