Tommy Lee defends the right of gig-going Motley Crue fans to expose their genitals

Tommy Lee of Motley Crue drumming
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As anyone who has read their infamous band biography The Dirt will be fully aware,  Motley Crue have rarely strayed too far from the sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, more sex and more drugs blueprint: their memoirs didn't get the subtitle 'Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band' for nothing.

Recently, however, in the wake of drummer Tommy Lee uploading a photo of his private parts onto his social media accounts, he's been encouraging fans to bare their own "junk" at the shows on their successful Stadium Tour. Understandably, this hasn't been met with universal approval. 

One upset fan who has taken aim at Lee's new obsession with bodily exposure is Juan Alvarez, who attended Cru's concert with Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts on September 7 in San Francisco, and witnessed all manner of nudity.

Speaking to ABC7 Chicago, Alvarez suggested that the X-rated exhibitionism on the tour might be especially traumatising for children in attendance. 

"Minors and everyone was forced to see people nude on the big screen and everyone was doing it around us too," he explains. "It was like Sodom and Gomorrah, it was crazy. Even the usher, he had to pull a guy down from the brick wall because he had his private parts out, screaming. It was pretty crazy.

"They thought it was absolutely fine and normal and hilarious and okay," Alvarez continues. "When I brought up there were children and six- and nine-year-old girls and kids there, they said 'Well, they shouldn't have come to the Crue show.'"

According to ABC7, a San Francisco Giants spokesperson revealed there has been several complaints made regarding the indecent exposure, and concerns had been expressed to the tour promoters. Alvarez himself said he intends to file a police report with San Francisco police.

This weekend, Tommy Lee shared the ABC7 video report on Twitter and added an his reaction to Alvarez's complaint.

"Yo, Juan, I've got a question for you," the drummer began. "What do you expect to see at a Motley Crue concert, dude? We've been doing this for fucking ever. Jesus Christ, you fucking pussy."

"The world is too soft! Been doing this shit for years Juan! MÖTLEY CRÜE concerts aren't PG and never have been!!!! Grow the fuck up!"

Check out Lee's tweet below:

Earlier this week Lee announced that he had launched his own OnlyFans account - a platform where individuals can sell and buy nude photos.

In a video on his Instagram Stories and Twitter accounts, Lee declared, “Yo I’m Tommy Lee. Join me over at OnlyFans because I went the S@#% over there because I’m tired of Instagram policing our bodies. So head on over to the wild side on OnlyFans.”

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