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Tommy Bolin's Teaser gets deluxe vinyl treatment

Tommy Bolin’s debut solo album Teaser is being reissued in a deluxe vinyl package to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

The one-time Zephyr and James Gang guitarist originally released the work in 1975 while he was a member of Deep Purple. He died of a drug overdose the following year, at the age of 25.

UDR will issue Teaser 40th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Box Set on May 18. The 3-disc collection is accompanied by two live CDs featuring long-lost outtakes and alternative mixes. The live CDs are made up of performances from Ebbets Field, The Northern Lights, My Father’s Place and Albany.

Teaser 40th Anniversary tracklist

LP 1 – side A:

  1. Teaser

  2. Flying Fingers

LP 1 – side B:

  1. Wild Dogs

  2. Cookoo

LP 2 – side C:

  1. Chameleon

  2. Lotus

LP 2 – side D:

  1. The Grind

  2. Crazed Fandango

LP 3 – side F:

  1. People People

  2. Smooth Fandango

  3. Marching Powder

LP 3 – side E:

  1. Homeward Strut

  2. Dreamer

  3. Savanah Woman

  4. Oriental Sky


  1. Teaser - My Father’s Place

  2. People People – My Father’s Place

  3. The Grind – My Father’s Place

  4. Wild Dogs – Live at The Northern Lights

  5. You Told Me That You Loved Me – Live in Albany

  6. Stratus – Live at Ebbets Field

  7. Post Toastee – Line in Albany

  8. Hoka-Hay – Energy KBPI Broadcast

  9. Homeward Strut – Live at Ebbets Field


  1. Shake The Devil – Live at The Northern Lights

  2. Marching Powder – My Father’s Place

  3. Lotus – My Father’s Place

  4. Homeward Strut – Live at The Northern Lights

  5. You Know, You Know – Live at Ebbets Field

  6. Crazed Fandango – Live at Ebbets Field

  7. Post Toastee – Live at The Northern Lights

  8. Walk In My Shadow – Live at Ebbets Field

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