Tom Waits animation to be restored


Director John Lamb is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign to restore animated short Tom Waits For No One.

The film starring Tom Waits performing The One That Got Away was released in 1979 – and Lamb plans to restore the original if the drive is successful.

The short film was created using live footage filmed at Hollywood’s La Brea Stage and then converted into animation by David Silverman using rotoscope technology.

And Lamb wants to bring it up to today’s standards to mark its 35th anniversary and hopes to release the final product in March 2015 at an event at Hollywood’s Catchlight Studios – formerly the La Brea Stage.

The Kickstarter campaign will launch on September 19.

In addition to restoring the the film, the crowdfunding drive will also include a scrapbook of the film, which will include “a bevy of miscellanea created, drawn, doodled, or collected during the film’s production.”

Since the 1979 release, many who worked on the project have established themselves in the world of animation, including Silverman, who has long been associated with The Simpsons.