Tigertailz launch emotional tribute to Pepsi Tate

Tigertailz (Image credit: Alex Ruffini)

Welsh glam stars Tigertailz have released a new version of Fall In Love Again, a track originally taken from the band’s second album, 1987’s Young And Crazy. The release is a tribute to former bass player Pepsi Tate, who died from pancreatic cancer in 2007. The band will also play at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms tonight (Saturday) at a tribute event called An Evening For Pepsi.

“Pepsi was such a huge inspiration and fun person to be with,” says guitarist Jay Pepper. “We just felt it was an appropriate way to mark 10 years of his passing.”

This isn’t the first time Tigertailz have followed this path: in 2012 the band marked the five-year anniversary of Tate’s passing by releasing a version of Fall In Love Again featuring former singer Jules Millis.

The latest version of the song features vocals from the band’s backing singer Suzi Chunk — who worked with Tate during his last recording with the band, 2007’s Thrill Pistol — while the video was shot during his last performance with the band, at the God’s Of Metal Festival in Italy the same year.

“He was so ill we literally had to carry him there,” says Pepper. “The video gives a brief insight into our time together. But more importantly, the huge amount of life he packed into his brief 42 years.”

What can fans expect at tonight’s show?

“Tonight will be a bumper packed event,” says Pepper. “A meet & greet, a showing of a film Pepsi made called The Shoe Collector, talks about Pepsi from Kerrang’s Steve Beebee and myself, a set of 17 killer Tailz songs, with a few surprises! Plus an auction of Tailz memorabilia and an exclusive showing of the new video!

“I thought we’d make last one album,” he continues. “I’m now 53 and we’ve released 10 plus albums – and we’re still wearing skinny jeans and eyeliner! But maybe it really is time to call it a day now…”

Tickets for tonight’s show at the Nottingham Rescue Rooms are available now. For the full running order, check Tigertailz’s Facebook post, below.

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