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This metal-loving grandma singing Rob Zombie at karaoke is the best thing you'll see today

Metal grandma and Rob Zombie
(Image credit: YouTube, Miikka Skaffari/FilmMagic)

Meet Pamela Willis Martin: a Grandma who spends most of her downtime in a sports grill known as The Gaming Goat in Arizona, and losing her shit to Rob Zombie. If you hadn't guessed already, she's no regular old lady.

In a newly-surfaced video, Pamela can be seen surrounded by a gaggle of headbanging whippersnappers as she takes the mic and performs a stonking karaoke rendition of Rob Zombie's Dragula. This doesn't seem to be a case of grandkids pranking granny either – it's clear she knows every word and is obviously very well rehearsed. 

Sporting a spotty pink jumpsuit, the metal-loving Grandma casually perches on a bar stool and fiercely hammers out the 1998 stomper with militant articulation – there's no messing around here.

Pamela isn't the first OAP to wave the flag for all things heavy. Nine years prior to Pam's performance in 2011, an 80 year old was spotted belting out the same tune in a karaoke bar. Better yet, there's the time former Navy pilot and retired program manager for the Hubble telescope John Hetlinger stormed America's Got Talent with his cover of Drowning Pool's Bodies, and subsequently, his performance of Rob Zombie's Dragula – before he got booted from the 2016 competition. Following his brief bit of fame, Hetlinger even got to accompany Drowning Pool on stage for a run of festival dates. 

Watch the video below:

Elizabeth Scarlett

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