This adorable metal child performing Korn's Blind might just melt your ice-cold heart

Young kid covers Korn
(Image credit: The O'Keefe Music Foundation)

Generally speaking, the things that tend to make us go "awwww" on the internet are usually of the tiny furry animal variety. We believe however, that kids who love metal are just as deserving of such admiration.

Cut to the latest project courtesy of the O'Keefe Music Foundation, which sees a group of young lads give their best shot at covering Korn's 1994 spine-chilling rager Blind. Fronted by 10-year-old Colt Shedden, who can be seen clambering out from inside a cage at the start of the video, the young metal icon in waiting snarls, growls and fiendishly belts out the lyrics with determined vigour. This of course, is what makes it so unapologetically cute. Coupled with his youthful articulation, the whole performance makes for some seriously wholesome content.

Cuteness aside, Shedden and his fellow band, made up of 10-year-old lead guitarist Xander Markewich and the three 17 years olds Alex Sutherland, (rhythm guitar) Jacob Wehn (drums) and Noah Williams (bass), deliver one impeccable, badass rendition of the popular nu-metal track with flawless precision. 

Personally, we're looking forward to seeing these kids flourish into full-grown metalheads, and take the metal world by storm. 

The O'Keefe Music Foundation offers music lessons, camps, recording sessions and music videos, all for free, to children around the world. Their mission statement explains: "With your help, all children, regardless of economic circumstance, gain access to high quality music education, top of the line instruments, professional recording equipment and the ability to follow their dreams!". To discover more about the organisation, check out their website.

Catch the video below:

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