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Thieves’ Kitchen release 6th album

Thieves’ Kitchen have just released their sixth album, The Clockwork Universe.

The follow-up to 2013’s One For Sorrow, Two For Joy explores the subject of scientific learning, and it’s on sale now, with a vinyl edition available to pre-order.

The trio of Phil Mercy, Thomas Johnson and Amy Darby are joined on the album by bassist Johan Brand and flautist Anna Holmgren from Anglagard, along with ex Sanguine Hum drummer Paul Mallyon.

Thieves’ Kitchen say: “These are songs about people whose experience brings them into contact with a universe of science – whether as a child, a neglected spouse, young lovers or as a bystander confronted with the inexorable progress of industrialisation.

“Two exquisite instrumental arrangements, Astrolabe and Orrery, bring to mind a bygone age of scientific exploration, and the candlelit solitude of the seeker.”

The Clockwork Universe tracklist

  1. Library Song
  2. Railway Time
  3. Astrolabe
  4. Prodigy
  5. The Scientist’s Wife
  6. Orrery