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There’s an ureleased Blink-182 song about getting f**ked by Hitler

Tom DeLonge
(Image credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for KROQ)

Music and toilet humour have gone hand in hand since Blink 182 formed as a band of youthful punk miscreants back in the early 90s. And despite now encroaching on middle age, members – both present and former – have still yet to put down the whoopee cushion. 

Discussing the songs that have defined his career in a new interview with Kerrang!, Angels & Airwaves/ex-Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge recalls the moment Blink took a set of songs to their record label that were more than a little questionable.

It turns out the more controversial of the tracks – a still unreleased version of When You Fucked Grampa – goes way darker than their usual dick and fart jokes, and is actually about Hitler. To be precise, it's about someone having sex with Hitler.

"We’d had this giant record with Enema Of The State, and then we go to record its follow-up and the whole label is freaking out, because they’re scared about what we’re going to write. We had three songs for them to hear after six months to see where we’re at," explains DeLonge.

"It’s the head of the label and the head A&R guy, and we played them this song full of cuss words, a song that went, ‘When you fucked Hitler did he tell you that he loved you?’, which later became When You Fucked Grampa"

Detailing the contents of the second song – although we're really not sure it could be any more eyebrow-raising than the first – DeLonge reveals it was a cover of the Macarena, but with the added line 'Hey, wipe your anus.'

"But what I’m getting at is even when the stakes were really high and there’s a lot of pressure to follow up a really big record, doing those songs was the core of who we were – having fun, fucking with people and having a good time," continues DeLonge. "And when that didn’t exist in Blink was when it was really hard, because that’s the whole goal of that band.”

Recently, proving that he's still very much the same dick joke-loving goon as he once was, DeLonge revealed that the secret behind playing great punk rock is masturbation, stating: "You want to know the secret? It’s all about masturbating. That’s the only one way to do it and if you don’t masturbate, you can’t play punk rock."

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