The Tea Party set Water On Fire

Canadian trio The Tea Party have premiered their video for Water’s On Fire with TeamRock.

It’s taken from eighth album The Ocean At The End – their first since reuniting in 2011.

Jeff Martin, Stuart Chatwood and Jeff Burrows returned to the studio with David Bottrill of Rush, Muse and Peter Gabriel fame, for their first work since 2004’s Seven Circles.

Martin tells TeamRock the song was inspired by the “big problem” in his life. He says: “I have had big, big loves, very beautiful women, and very, very passionate love affairs. But I become so possessed by my arts – my songwriting really is everything that I am. When a man meets a woman and falls in love, he doesn’t want her to change. Sometimes a women will think, ‘I really love you but I think I can make you better.’

“Unfortunately with me, and I can’t be more honest than this with my feelings: ‘I feel no shame, walk through flames the water’s on fire, I feel no shame, I will not change, the water’s on fire. The truth there’s only you. You want the truth? You’re my want, my desire. But I feel no shame, I will not change, the water’s on fire.’

The digital single is available via iTunes and Amazon. The Ocean At The End will be released on September 22 via InsideOut. The Tea Party appear in the next edition of Classic Rock Magazine.


  1. The L.o.C

  2. The Black Sea

  3. Cypher

  4. The Maker

  5. Black Roses

  6. Brazil

  7. The 11th Hour

  8. Submission

  9. The Cass Corridor

  10. Water’s On Fire

  11. The Ocean At The End

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