The New Issue of Classic Rock: on Sale today!

The new issue of Classic Rock hits the shops today. With Black Stone Cherry making their debut appearance on the cover, it comes with a FREE CD of hits, exclusive acoustic songs and brilliant live tracks (from Download 2013) from the band.

It’s a very special cover, and not just because it features Black Stone Cherry’s logo rendered on glossy paper via the ancient technique of letterpress (ask any old newspaper hack). It’s also a special cover because it conceals a vast amount of very exciting content, including twenty bulging pages of reviews.

We’ve even made a video trailer featuring Black Stone Cherry, in which we reveal the process by which the cover logo was produced, while the band talk about their approach to being a classic rock act: “We just try to write songs that will fit with modern day, but remind people that music has been around for decades”.[](

Highlights include…

Black Stone Cherry; Just how did Black Stone Cherry – a band from a tiny farming town in southern Kentucky – catapult from unknowns to Wembley headliners in just seven years?

The Who: Long before they were The Who, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey were in The Detours. Their journey took in conceptual art, a lot of dope and a whole lot of blues.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela: The virtuoso purveyors of flamenco thrills and Hispanic hardcore tell Classic Rock about defying rock clichés, their unsung heroes and their romantic split.

Ian Anderson: Jethro Tull’s mainman – the self-appointed “Victor Meldrew with a flute” – takes aim at hippies, Nigel Farage, his own son-in-law and “boring, repetitive rock musicians”.

Funk rock: From Prince to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mother’s Finest to Dan Reed, we bring you a celebration of the dirtiest and downright funkiest bands ever. Including…

Funkadelic: “We gonna be the blackest, we gonna be the funkiest, we gonna be the dirtiest,” proclaimed George Clinton, the man who masterminded Parliament and Funkadelic. And it was no idle threat.

Red Hot Chili Peppers: In 1989, reeling from the death of their guitarist, it was make or break for the Chilis. Luckily the album they were about to make would save their career and put funk rock back on the map.

Funk rock anthems: From amped-up cover versions to epic wig-outs,we present the 25 funkiest rock songs ever laid down.

Ginger Baker: Famed as much for his fiery temper as for his genius behind the drum kit, the former Cream drummer shares 10 tips from an eventful life lived by no one’s rules but his own.

The Rutles: A razor-sharp pastiche of The Beatles with links to Monty Python and the Fab Four themselves, The Rutles were the original Spinal Tap.

The new issue is on sale now at all hard-rockin’ newsagents, or can be ordered online from MyFavouriteMagazines.

Sian Llewellyn
Classic Rock, Editor

Classic Rock editor Siân has worked on the magazine for longer than she cares to discuss, and prior to that was deputy editor of Total Guitar. During that time, she’s had the chance to interview artists such as Brian May, Slash, Jeff Beck, James Hetfield, Sammy Hagar, Alice Cooper, Manic Street Preachers and countless more. She has hosted The Classic Rock Magazine Show on both TotalRock and TeamRock radio, contributed to CR’s The 20 Million Club podcast and has also had bylines in Metal Hammer, Guitarist, Total Film, Cult TV and more.  When not listening to, playing, thinking or writing about music, she can be found getting increasingly more depressed about the state of the Welsh national rugby team and her beloved Pittsburgh Steelers.